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Rediscover the joy and magic in your life…


Every door conceals a dragon blowing flames,
daring you to step across the thresh hold…
and yet for those willing to ride the beast, there is strength, courage and
the ability to step into a life that you have never dreamed possible

Vicki’s Dream
See how the rubber meets the road for life coach Vicki Pinkerton as she fulfills the dream of a lifetime. Click-here-to-go-to-Quest-Across-Canada
Need a speaker?


I am in the mood to party. Invite me to yours. We will call it a LifeLines Creative party (not Tupperware or Mary Kay) and we can play some coaching games. Give me your ideas or I will bring mine. Nothing to buy…you can serve food and wine and your guests will leave knowing more about themselves and with a creative life plan. Don’t forget, laughs are on the house.