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Telling your own Story

From the day we are born our story is told. Who tells it? Our parents, teachers and our community. We come to a time when we need to decide who we are and tell our own stories. It is essential for us to do this in order to value our own journey.

As the author of your life, how are you telling your tale?

By the end of the day the participant will:

  • have a good idea of the stories that are motivating influence in their lives
  • know the values that influence their decisions
  • be able to recognize steps take to further their adventure and those contrary to it
  • be ready to author their own tales and have a structure to get them started
  • tell stories though art, writing and voice
  • will have committed to actions to set themselves in motion
  • have had fun!
Vicki’s Dream
See how the rubber meets the road for life coach Vicki Pinkerton as she fulfills the dream of a lifetime. Click-here-to-go-to-Quest-Across-Canada
Need a speaker?


I am in the mood to party. Invite me to yours. We will call it a LifeLines Creative party (not Tupperware or Mary Kay) and we can play some coaching games. Give me your ideas or I will bring mine. Nothing to buy…you can serve food and wine and your guests will leave knowing more about themselves and with a creative life plan. Don’t forget, laughs are on the house.