Is There Magic in YOUR Life?

One of the questions I ask my clients is, “What would make your life magical?” Fair question I think. Some people look at me blankly. “Magical, what do you mean? Do you mean good? Happy? What? The question is not logical.” Perhaps. Maybe if you don’t have magic in your life, you are missing something? So…..

Is there Magic? A realist will tell you that there is nothing that can’t be explained through science or logical thought and yet that discounts so many amazing things. Those who are looking for life will find it in all places and those who are glued to reality and logic will let it pass under their noses.

I like the magic that takes me by surprise, makes me laugh and asks me to question that which I thought I knew. I have seen miracles big and small. They can be attributed to faith, love, nature or I like to think, magic.  Do you have magic in your life. What would it take to find it there?

“Magic is born of the land and the ones who go places in life are the ones who take the time to let magic seep inside of them: sitting all quiet, watching, listening and learning . . . Making yourself available to that magic is like leaving the door to your insides unlocked.” (Ma from “Keeper’n Me” Richard Wagamese, 1994 p 8)

Let’s find that magic together.