Current Workshops

Workshops are a large part of what I do. I find them a cost effective, inspirational way to bring coaching to people.Choose from these packages or I will pull something together for your group.

Something New!!

A concrete demonstration of positive thinking in action and discussion. Read more.

Telling your own Story

As the author of your life, how are you telling your tale? Read more.

Communications and Storytelling

A course for people with a message but without the confidence to go public.

In this 6 week course students will explore their stories and learn to tell them with confidence and joy. 

Vicki will lead participants through meditations, games and exercises that will banish the fear of “PUBLIC SPEAKING” and will welcome the gentle art of telling stories so that messages can be given to the world in the way they were meant to be.

Organizing your story and finding the important elements will also be explored.

On completion, students will be able to bring their story from imaginings to reality and deliver them to a range of audiences with a degree of comfort that they had never before expected.

A story is a way to say something that can’t be said any other way. Flannery O’Connor

Writing From the Core

Is a workshop geared to people who express their creativity through the written word.

As readers we are moved by authors who seem to know our secret longings and motivations. Those writers seem to pull their words from the depths of human and emotional understanding. As writers, we are not content with writing from the surface. We want our words to touch others. We want to write from the core.

This workshop will help you do just that through a series of meditations, and writing exercises that pull us into the mysteries of ourselves. Participants will also examine road blocks and barriers that we put in the way of our writing. This workshop will appeal to the seasoned writer as well as those just learning about themselves as writers.

In the universe only your voice can say what it was meant to say. Don’t silence it. Write from the core.

By the end of the day, the student should:

  • better understand herself a s a writer
  • know the core values that motivate her actions and writing
  • be familiar with blocks that get in the way of writing
  • begin to develop strategies to bring those walls down.
  • have committed to some actions toward becoming a larger writer.

Bring out the creative fire in your writing self and move your work from great to magical.

Creating Your Life From the Core

“Are you living your life to the fullest?”
“Is excitement and fun a part of your daily life?”
“Is there something missing??

How many times have you heard someone say, “Oh, not me, I’m just not creative.”
Maybe you have even said it yourself. This workshop is designed to uncover our creative souls, the part of us that is driven to create, not art, or music but our lives.

We are constantly creating. We create ourselves every morning, how we will be at work, at play and in relationships. We create the environment we live in.

This workshop will bring together our creative selves. Through a series of meditations, exercises and games we will discover what we are creating in our lives now and how to create the life we want. We will explore our values and motivators. Who are we in our creative souls? What are the barriers we place between ourselves and happiness and how to break them down.

Only YOU can fulfil your purpose in this life. When your are ready to make that step, this workshop will help you get started. Are you creating a place for your life to happen or are you simply going through the paces waiting for it to happen?

By the end of the day, the student should:

  • have a better understanding of what fulfillment would look like in her life
  • know the core values that motivate her actions
  • be familiar with blocks that get in the way of living
  • begin to develop strategies to bring those walls down.
  • have committed to some actions toward playing in the whole field of her life.

Sliding in Sideways

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming —
“WOW–What a Ride!”
Author Unknown?

Sliding in sideways implies a journey through life, filled with joy and adventure. The road may be long and rough but the ride is to be savoured, allowing the richness sink into us moment by moment. We are born to live….so why do some days, months or years feel like we are just surviving?

This workshop will help you pull the fragments of your life together so that you will not be a division of hats (worker, parent, chauffeur, child, friend, spouse….. ) You will investigate the things that fuel your core and learn to identify the gremlins and roadblocks that keep you from living from that core. You will laugh, perhaps share a story or two and leave having made commitments that will shift your life so that you too can “slide in sideways.”