What People are saying…

“Vicki helped me define the role I wanted to play in my life then with some really cool exercises she helped me make it happen for myself. My creativity is being used in my business and my life now.”
JT (Puppet Master and Story Teller)

“Vicki has helped me uncover my real self and my hidden dreams.”
SP (Truck Driver)

“With Vicki’s help I cleared the clutter out of the way and life is an exciting adventure again. I’ve stopped wasting time and can focus on what’s really important to me.”
AJ (Freelance Writer and Workshop Leader)

“Vicki was able to get that indescribable broken part of my psyche working. It was a most rewarding experience and I am painting again.”
SM (Visual Artist)

“Coaching challenged what I believed about myself and what I believed I could accomplish, allowing me to explore my real potential.”
K.J. student

“I have to attribute the changes I have made over the past months to my coach — Vicki. With her help I am learning to spread my wings, to take chances and try things, that as my previous self, I would not have considered or attempted. She has shown me how to look at life as a continuing string of possibilities…up, up and away!!”
D.S writer

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